Friday, March 25, 2011

Something newely learned

As some of you ladies know that my dear friend Sheila(Sheilas Quild World) & I go to sewing each Wednesday with some other wonderful ladies who have become our dear friends. We have a terrific teacher Shelley who is a gifted sewer & dear friend. Some Weds. turn out to be Theropy sessions for one or several of us. It is one day in my week I can honestly say that I actually PLAN my week around. This Wed. my dearie Sheila showed my how to make this crazy block. She took fabric & all for me. O. K. now Sheila I AM HOOKED. I really enjoyed making it .& the best part is that WE did it together. Thanks  soo much. The little bird on the block is from a piece of my Moms  clothing & the thread  is one from my moms stash. Many years old. I know she is pleased with me making little things with her bits & pieces. Oh yes She loved birds. The bird sits on my kitchen window sill , so Mom is there doing the dishes with me always.. About 8 inches of snow arrived here today. HAPPY SPRING!! I am glad I could share this chatterings with you. Mom would be happy to have shared this with you as well. Till the the next chatter ladies. Take care. Blessings: Dianne.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Owl Anyone ???

It seems that everywhere  you look these days there are owls . Well my "hootie" is from My Tweets Block 2. I think he is soo cute. He is made of cotton , with wool eyes & wool feet. He is quiet & likes my hubbies big chair. Ha ha! If you look above the chair, you will see a crewel work I did too many years ago. Left the poor thing in a baggie & then found it again about 3 yrs. ago & did a little quilting & voila a wall hanging. You know it is like  you receive a gift when you come upon an old treasure & complete it. Thanks for sharing my chatter. Hootie & I are leaving you now. Till later on. Blessings: Dianne

Friday, March 18, 2011

wool pin cushion swap

Hello fellow pin cushion swappers. I have finished Lauras cushion. Laura is fromNorth Dakoda, U.S.A. I have added a small red heart ,as I think for me anyway that is the center of our homes. A cup & saucer for a shared tea with a friend. Lastly some flowers, different colours, different shapes. I do hope Laura likes my bit I have done. I am mailing it of to Melody in Australia this afternoon Have a good ladies. Blessings: Dianne.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quilted Tea Cosy

I thought I would show you this "tea cosy" I made for my niece, Rachel. The bottom half is a border print which I embelished with yo yos on a few of the flowers with buttons in the centers.I think it gives a little dimention to the cosy. It is lined with the blue dot fabric thats on the top half. It is a gift for Rachel to give to someone. I hope they will like it. The colours are the colours in their china. A cool day here today, so I did some sewing & said a prayer or two for the Japaneese people & their country. I hope you had a good day ladies. Blessings: Dianne

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buttons,Buttons & More Buttons

While we were out today a dear friend left a parcel in our sun room. She owns an antique shop and is selling out everything. My big surprise when I opened the door and there was a dish pan FULL of buttons . All colours, shapes & sizes. I was thrilled. I just took out a few to show you. There are hundreds in the pan. Some are very old and I am like a kid in a candy store looking, looking at them all. some are metal, others are see through, while some have patterns with the button itself. I hope you can see them  alright in the photos. Be still ,my heart!!!!!!!.  Take care everyone. Prayers to Japan and the people there who are truly devistated at this time in their lives. Blessings: Dianne

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bunny... Bunny

I though I would show you a little wool bunny I started last night. I found it thanks to mamacjt. I really loved it so thanks soo much. It is still in the process of being done. I am thinking It will become a wall hanging for my niece that is having her second son SOON. I made cutrains in the background fabric, so I thought this would add a little more to the room. I hope all is well with everyone out there. Blessings: Dianne

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wool Pin Cushion Swap

 Here are two wool  pin cushionbases that I have basted together. The one on the left (all pastels) is the one I will be mailing away TOMORROW to my group Partner. The other one that I have woven is for  a gift. Wool is such a lovely fabric to work with. Come again won't you for updates on this swap. Tea will be ready. Blessings: Dianne..