Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grandpas Love...

I want to share this picture with you. This is my beautiful neice(Rachel) with my loving dad after Christmas.The reason I am posting this and not any projects is because we have moved my dad into an "enriched living" apartment. However his first day there he became very ill. I stayed overnight with my dad & most of the next day. Now my two sisters & my hubby are sharing shifts till he gets on his feet again. As you can see by the photo he has the most happiest smile as does my honey of a neice.. I hope dads smile returns SOON. Thanks for letting me share this (anxious) time with you all.  Come for tea with me.... maybe in a few days though. o.k.? Blessings to you all. Dianne..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aunt Josies Dishes...

Well ladies here in another treasure . These pieces belonged to my great aunt Josie.. A wonderful lady. They must be at least 70ish. years old. I received them our 40 yrs. ago. I do not know anything about them really only that I really do use them. The pitcher in the back ground has cornflowers on it and that top, that I have to watch VERY carefully .!! The tea cloth they are resting on is one I (yes me) made when I was in grade 8or9. My gosh I can see now I never throw too much out. ouch!!   I realise this in not quilting related..BUT.. I have noticed that we quilters LOVE our china bits. For me just looking at these pieces make me feel warm with memories , and that is a very good thing. Blessings from me: Dianne.

A sons beautiful gift...

Doing a little dusting today and came upon this special gift that my oldest son gave me many years ago. He was with me when we found this antique shop & he was happy that I dragged him in. ha. ha. Anyway I only bought a teacup & saucer & desert plate. Then about a month later he presented me with several more pieces, in fact it was the only few pieces left in the shop. Imagine a young man ( he would be 20ish) did this for his dear mother. These treasures are near & so dear to me, as my son is no longer living they are a blessing from him to me. Our children are surely a wonderful gift, as I know we all feel this way. I am happy to have shared this with you. Come again, I will be home. Blessings.  Dianne

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Miss Shabby Blocks

Here are my 2 blocks from Little Miss Shabby Birdie blocks of the month. I have enjoyed stitching these. There will be a block  eack month for 12 months. The female birdie in eack block I hope to do in mauves(my favourite colour).. We are having another snow day here in Nova Scotia. Another sew day for me. I AM HAPPY la. la. la. Stop in again won't you? I will be home with tea pot ready.. Blessings: Dianne.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Here is a landscape done from a class put on by our quilt guild. We were soo happy to haveValerie Hearder as our teacher. She is the author of"Points of View".It was a challenge for me as there were so many pieces of fabric that one would never think could be part of a landscape. I did a little embelishing with some stitches & shading. I now look at fabric in a different way. That piece of fabric that I may have thought.."what on earth" actually becomes a part of that earthy scene. If you ever get to participate in her class , go, as you will be amazed with her insite into fabric & what it can become. Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Come back. I'll be here waiting. Blessings: Dianne...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here is the full picture.I added two large blocks to each side of the center block & binded it in the same print. I quilted several of the ornaments to hold it flat. It seems funny now..I will put it away for next Christmas after just finishing it this Christmas season... I hope you will visit again soon. I'll be here... Blessings: Dianne.
Here is my Redwork Christmas table runner I finished yesterday during our snow storm. This is the center. Then I added a narrow green border & finally two blocks on each side. Happy little snow people don't you think?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilted Mug Rugs..

These mug rugs as everyone  knows were very popular this Christmas season. The two on the right are all of what I have left of the seasonal ones I made. They were a great "tuck in" gift. The two on the left are ones we use every day. This size is great to hold a cup of tea & a cookie or a cinnamon roll{so i am told}Ha!!.  We are still having a snowy day here. All day long & into the night I hear. A great day to sew. sew, sew. Thanks for your visit. Lets continue our prayers for our Australian ladies.. Stop in again.. won't you? Blessings: Dianne

Wool Flower Cushion ..

This is another wool project for me. I had made the basket of flowers from wool ,added it to the burbandy wool AND then... what do I do with it then question??? Ah Ha a pillow.. So thus the pillow . I even put in a zipper in the back that can not be seen. Yes invisable!!!.. This lovely sits on the bed in our spare bedroom. I added a little embroidery to it as I always never know when enough is enough when it comes to embroidery. I am glad you  stopped by for a minute with me. Come back though, won't you? Blessings: Dianne