Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A sons Legacy to his community.

i want to share my wonderful day with you. It is a rainy, overcast, foggy day today. HOWEVER, it would have been our sons 40th. birthday. With my husband, my dad & me, went went to visit these Wind Turbines that our son Harley was instrumental in getting this massive adventure started several years ago. As he has passed away , they have named two roads in his memory. How humbeling is that for a parent to stand beside this road sign with your childs name on it. The one with the pile of wood around it is the first road to be named. I tied a huge yellow ribbon on the bigger sign. The last pic is of the wind turbine that will have his name put on it. These turbines are massive & you can hardly hear any sound coming from them as they turn with the wind. It was one of our better days ever since our Harley was killed. He never did get to see thes turbines put up, BUT, I know he is dirercting the whole process from afar. There are about 30 of them in  this particular area. Well done my child, well done. I hope this bit of personal info from me is alright to share with my quilting friends. I just wanted to boast about my "BOY". blessings to all. Dianne.


  1. Dianne you have so much to be proud of , Harley was indeed a fine young man who made a difference in this world and this community and we can all benefit from his work , well done indeed!!
    hugs Sheila

  2. What a lovely gesture to your son Dianne. How proud you must be of Harley. Hugs, Jeanette

  3. Dianne you have every right to be so proud of Harley not only because he was your son but also for the great work he had accomplished his short life. take care. Linda C

  4. HI Dianne, this is the perfect place to tell us all.... what a wonderful thing to have to remember your son.... windturbines are so peaceful and forever moving and creating energy ... a fantastic tribute to Harley,
    Big Hugz

  5. Oh Dianne, I agree with all of our friends above...this is the perfect place to share Harley's legacy, and you do indeed have every right to be so proud of him. Of course I never knew him, but I do know that if he was anything like his mom, he was a very, very fine young man. And something tells me that is the truth! I know that he is looking down and is very happy that his life's dream came to pass, and that so many people will be touched by and benefit from his diligence and commitment to his community and the beautiful country he called home.

    Much love to you,


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