Friday, July 15, 2011

Visiting second SON

Hello all, been  some time for a note from me. We have been out in Calgary, Alberta visiting our son. For those who do not know where Alberta is ... well... it is  WAY on the other side of Canada.  I have been to a few quilt shops AND had a great time looking & of course I HAD to purchase a few little things!!!!!!!  The other night we were in our first (& hopefully) last tornado. It was very scarry. The complex that our son lives in took a direct hit. It is  everything that people say about them. The sounds, winds, things flying around. The vehicle we had rented had the side window smashed out, glass everywhere, Dints in the doors,  & scratches all over. Good thing it was parked & no on was hurt.  On our way home in a few days, so I will chat then again. Have a great day ladies. Dianne.


  1. Hi Dianne, good to see a posting from you. Sounds like you had a great time in Calgary. So glad to read you are safe after being in a tornado. How scary. Take care. Hugs,

  2. Oh my Dianne , didn't hear about the tornado that is dreadful but glad you didn't get hurt !Good to hear you have been to a few quilt shops , that is always fun , hope to see you soon , missed you. Hugs