Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sons beautiful gift...

Doing a little dusting today and came upon this special gift that my oldest son gave me many years ago. He was with me when we found this antique shop & he was happy that I dragged him in. ha. ha. Anyway I only bought a teacup & saucer & desert plate. Then about a month later he presented me with several more pieces, in fact it was the only few pieces left in the shop. Imagine a young man ( he would be 20ish) did this for his dear mother. These treasures are near & so dear to me, as my son is no longer living they are a blessing from him to me. Our children are surely a wonderful gift, as I know we all feel this way. I am happy to have shared this with you. Come again, I will be home. Blessings.  Dianne


  1. Beautiful Dianne , I missed this post somehow , gorgeous dishes that Harley bought for you , I hope you enjoy a cup of tea in these now and then .I'd love to see them . love Sheila

  2. Those are beautiful dishes, Dianne! And what a lovely tribute to your son's memory. I am so sorry to read that he is no longer with you...but I am sure that the dishes give you great joy and beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing.



  3. They are indeed very beautiful in so many ways.
    Glad to see your blogging is well underway.