Friday, February 4, 2011


Here is a landscape done from a class put on by our quilt guild. We were soo happy to haveValerie Hearder as our teacher. She is the author of"Points of View".It was a challenge for me as there were so many pieces of fabric that one would never think could be part of a landscape. I did a little embelishing with some stitches & shading. I now look at fabric in a different way. That piece of fabric that I may have thought.."what on earth" actually becomes a part of that earthy scene. If you ever get to participate in her class , go, as you will be amazed with her insite into fabric & what it can become. Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Come back. I'll be here waiting. Blessings: Dianne...


  1. Your landscape is beautiful! It reminds me of some of the lovely work done by visitors I have had here from Japan.
    Thank you for your generous comment on my blog!


  2. Dianne ,your landscape looks wonderful and I love how you have changed your blog layout good job! hugs Sheila